Ulster County New York Real Estate at Catskill Farms

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Ulster County New York real estate is without a doubt some of the most beautiful you will find.  Much of the property lies within the Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Ridge, so those who desire a natural landscape where majestic mountains, forests and lakes rule will find this destination totally charming.  The towns, villages and hamlets found in Ulster County New York real estate are mostly historical, friendly and remain much as they were years ago.  

While not too far from New York City (about 90 miles or so), the Ulster County New York real estate area is a bit nostalgic and old-fashioned, often bringing to mind an era of a century ago when life moved at a far less hectic pace than what we often experience today.  Unlike what is found in the big cities, you won't find constant noise, crowds of people stampeding to their destination, or the continuous landscape of concrete and tall buildings.  What you will find with Ulster County New York real estate is the beauty of nature that remains unspoiled by man. 

Perhaps what you will find the most charming of all when you visit Ulster County New York real estate is the homes that dot the landscape.  Many are older and have been around for decades, although many are new homes that are built with old-fashioned and traditional charm and appeal.  Cottages, cozy cabins and even farm houses adorn forested slopes, rolling hills and tracts of land near the many lakes.  At Catskill Farms, we like to refer to these rustic, distressed, intimate homes as "old new".  In other words, while the homes we build are totally modern in terms of wiring, security, and all of the amenities that make life easier, the look is comfortable, quaint and a bit like what you might imagine if you had been around in the early 1900s.

What you may find most appealing about Ulster County New York real estate is that fact that spacious tracts of land let you enjoy natural surroundings, peaceful solitude and a noticeable lack of near-by neighbors. The kids can play outside and roam the countryside, while you sit on the wrap around porch and just enjoy the view.  Imagine sitting on the porch, enjoying a cup of coffee as you witness the most beautiful landscape that could ever be imagined.  It's good therapy for the mind, soul and spirit; you will actually feel the stress leaving your body.

Catskill Farms invites you to experience Ulster New York real estate and see for yourself why this is the perfect destination for a vacation or get-away home.  Buy a home that is already built, choose one that is under construction and add your own personal touches, or bring your ideas to us.  Who knows - when you see the beauty that only nature can inspire, you may decide you just want to stay for good.