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Sullivan County NY real estate offers wide open spaces, breath-taking mountain views and a peacefulness you will not experience anywhere else. If your desire is to live in an area that offers the atmosphere of a long-ago era when things were relaxed and fresh air was abundant, Sullivan County NY real estate offers you that and much more! Intimate, romantic farmhouses, cottages and cabins allow you to enjoy life to the fullest, and still be within driving distance of the big city. Catskill Farms offers you homes that are full of old-world charm yet built to modern quality standards.

Some people love living in a bustling city where life is fast-paced and noise is constant. If your desire is to hear only the sounds of nature and wake to exquisite mountain views, Sullivan County NY real estate is unlike any other real estate you will find. Rolling hills, crystal clear water and air that makes you want to breathe deeply is what you will experience when you decide that intimate country living is what you desire for your family. The magnificent scenery of Sullivan County NY real estate is unequaled; the peace and solitude you will find is a welcome change from today's society which is often too busy and hectic.

At Catskill Farms, we offer farmhouses, cottages and cabins that are built on a smaller scale, and designed to give you that rustic charm and historical atmosphere in a modern home. Sullivan County NY real estate doesn't get any better than what we have to offer! There is absolutely nothing quite like living in exquisite surroundings where nature and plenty of wide open spaces are part of the landscape. The country is woody and rugged; you will often feel that the atmosphere is almost magical, as you watch the burnished setting sun set over the mountains. Nowhere in the world will you experience the beauty and wonder of nature quite like that of Sullivan County NY real estate.

Catskill Farms offers the best you will find when it comes to homes that are reminiscent of decades ago, when times were simple and life was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Our farmhouses and country cottages are built to give the impression of a romantic, traditional home while eliminating the worries and problems of an older home. Sullivan County NY real estate is like no other you will find, and is perfect for those who want to experience nature on a daily basis. Fishing, hiking, skiing, a long leisurely drive through the mountains on a beautiful afternoon. Sound inviting?

Though you will only be 100 miles from the city, you will feel as though you are on the other side of the world when you invest in Sullivan county NY real estate. Contact Catskill Farms today to learn more about this exquisite living environment.