Ranch 15

Big views + cool new mid-century + 4+ acres of privacy + east of the river = Once in a Lifetime. Catskill Farms delivers this new home after years of studying the land, and the home’s positioning and the orientation.  The home is modest but striking, stylish but understated.  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with an interesting floor plan that reveals itself as you work your way through this home.   Wide plank wood floors, wood burning fireplaces, expansive deck.  With a western view across the Catskills, the decks and patios and a floor plan all orient westerly towards the big sky Catskills views.  This one story home will feature nightly harvest moons, starry nights and fabulous sunsets.

The Homes of Catskill Farms are engineered to be as energy efficient as a home can be. Enhanced insulation paves the way for superior performance from our high efficiency furnaces and on-demand hot water heaters. Many of our homes now have heat pumps for their heating source, eliminating the need for gas or oil as a fuel source.

For over 18 years, Catskill Farms has been adding to the architecture and real estate of the Catskills.  Our Modern New Homes with style fill the need of a broad cross-section of city dwellers looking for that Catskills getaway.  

The small towns of Dutchess County offer beauty, amenities and charm in abundance.  They offer film festivals and live music. The hamlets and towns that anchor the surrounding land we curate and select for our homes make Dutchess County real estate some of the best around for fun, food and festivities (or, if you are like us, backyard siestas and hammocks rank right up there). 

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