The Cottage Series

Our Cottage Series homes for sale in Upstate New York defines our building and design philosophy – "elegance through simplicity", and "less is more." Thankfully, the Hummer/McMansion era is concluding, and we are seeing a lot of demand for reasonable, intimate spaces. These homes average 1250 -1300 sq ft – 2 Bedrooms – 1.5/2 Baths – Covered Porch – Full Basement – 5+ Acres  – $330K+

Farmhouse Series

New Farmhouses have always been our bread and butter. Regionally-inspired with modern amenities, these Catskills homes for sale have saved a lot of families from the "this old house" romantic daydream that devours both the savings account and the relationship. Classic designs inspired by Early American Architecture.  The Farmhouse Series starts at 1500-2200 sq ft – 3 or 4 Bedrooms – 2 or 3 Baths – Wrap-around Porches – 5+ acres – $385k +

Mid-Century Ranch

Mid-Century Ranches push the envelope with a nod to the modernist home crowd.  Polished concrete floors and Ikea kitchens capture the essence of the idea.

Mini & Micro Cottage Series

Catskill Farms and our entire contracting team wants everyone to be able to afford a Country Escape, hence our brand new Mini & Micro-Cottages Series. The Micros are priced in the low $200s and feature 700 - 800sf. The Mini-Cottages are priced in the upper $200s and have around 1000sf of floor space, not including basements.

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and a big open floor plan, woodstoves / fireplaces, wide plank floors and covered porches are standard.


Our Barn Houses are a lot of fun and we’ve been designing them as small as 1300 sq ft with 2 bedrooms to as large as the Big Barn that ranged past 4600 sq ft.   Quintessential in their look, very open in their floor plan flow, these homes are a great complement to our cottages and farmhouses.  Mini Barns start at under $225k.

Active Renovations

Our custom renovations