“Like a big hug.” “A sanctuary.” “Shelter from the storm.” “Even my mom approves.” Just some of the feedback we’ve heard from our homeowners over the years.

I left NYC after 9/11 and fortunately discovered Sullivan County. The first job I landed in Sullivan County was fixing up the barns on the property of Alexis Rockman, the painter. I finished that job only with the help of some young Polish hitchhikers who were spending the summer in the area.

Soon, we began designing and building new farmhouses, and now we dabble in a wide range of early American architecture including Barns, Craftsmans, Cottages, and even American Modern.

Owning an old home with authentic fixtures, original wood floors and detailing that simply needs a little TLC is an all-American dream; however, finding one of those “dream” homes is nearly impossible. The truth is, as Catskill area new old home builders, we have rescued many families from the “this old house” renovation daydream, preserving many savings accounts and probably even some relationships.

As a Sullivan County and Ulster County builder and contractor, it is my goal is to create a house that echoes the past. Using a delicate mixture of salvaged and new materials, I provide families with a brand new 100 year old home, throughout the Catskill region in areas like Woodstock, Saugerties, Narrowsburg and Barryville. While we capture the charm, beauty and character of the early 1900s, we eliminate all the hassles and maintenance related to an old house.

A Catskills country home is a great idea. It’s a fresh start, a good investment and most importantly, a fantastic way of life.

It has been said that we are the only home builders in Upstate New York, who truly understand the dream of owning a country home with elements that reflect a simpler time and place.

Charles Petersheim


Charles Petersheim is the founder of Catskill Farms, a vertically-integrated development, design, construction and real estate company located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. For the past seven years, he has been designing ‘new old homes’ marketed to young professionals from New York City, which is two hours away. He discovered a niche of building small, well-designed ‘getaway’ homes during the height of the McMansion/Hummer era and continues to design and sell 15 homes a year, about double pre-recession levels. His small home efforts have been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, New York Daily News, DIY TV, Builder Magazine and the NY Post.

In 2002, Petersheim founded Bluestone Construction, Catskill Farms' award winning resident builder.

In 2009, Petersheim founded EcoTech Spray Foam, a green soy-based insulation company that serves the Hudson Valley, Westchester, and Greenwich, CT regions.